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18 - 20 February 2022

Welcome to The Feel Better Weekend Affiliate Program!

Feel Better Weekend is an online summit to support people to practice true self care and feel calmer. It runs 18-20 February 2022.

The summit is aimed at people who want to get pregnant and they will learn from over 20+ experts to help them achieve a greater sense of positivity and calm whilst navigating getting pregnant.

What you will be promoting

The Feel Better Weekend

You will be offering your audience completely free tickets to The Feel Better Weekend.

All attendees will be able to to watch the 20+ workshops live and for an additional 48 hours afterwards.

Once they have signed up for their free tickets, we then offer them the chance to gain lifetimes access to our members only area where they can view all presentations indefinitely.

This is called a VIP Access Pass and it provides a huge amount of value to attendees including:

  • Access to view all event recordings for life
  • Meditations and yoga classes

How this can support you

For every person who signs up for the VIP Access Pass we will pay you 30% commission (on net sales: gross sales - refunds = net sales)

The standard VIP Access Pass will be US $147.

The VIP Access Pass is excellent value and we are expecting a high percentage of attendees to choose to purchase.

They will be offered the VIP Access Pass immediately on signing up for the free pass to attend the event and again with follow up emails as the event date gets nearer.

People will also be able to buy the VIP Access Pass for several months after the event.

Commission will be paid by bank transfer or paypal every month.

Feel Better Weekend for Fertility Warriors

How to promote the event

We've handpicked an incredible lineup of speakers (fostered from Robyn's many years in the industry) and are confident that the high calibre of speakers will be well regarded and incredibly helpful to your audience.

We'll be sending out further promotional material to you to help you put together your marketing strategy, however here are a few tips:

  • Sometimes people need to hear about things more than once, and oftentimes only a small portion of people see your notifications (especially if only 3% of your Facebook Audience sees your posts and 30% of email recipients see your email), so you may like to send out a few emails or Instagram posts. Also don't be disheartened if nobody signs up or purchases right off the bat. Often people leave things until the last minute. We recommend sending 2 - 3 emails, and posting several times on Instagram.
  • Share from the heart. You're no doubt here to serve - there is no minimum sharing requirement in this Summit because we only want people to share if they believe this will provide incredible value and their audience will love it (and thank them for it).
  • You may also like to use this opportunity to build connections within the industry - follow the speakers on Instagram, comment on their posts and let them know if you watch their presentation and love it. A rising tide lifts all ships!
  • If you see a Facebook Ad for the Summit - like and comment on it.