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18 - 20 February 2022

Welcome to The Feel Better Weekend Promotional Resources

Feel Better Weekend is an online summit to support people to practice true self care and feel calmer. It runs 18-20 February 2022.

The summit is aimed at people who want to get pregnant and they will learn from over 20+ experts to help them achieve a greater sense of positivity and calm whilst navigating getting pregnant.

There is no minimum requirement to share this event so we will not be checking up or harassing you - but if you feel this would be helpful and wish to optimise your affiliate opportunities, we've included several resources below.

If we can assist with any advice, further resources or support, please email us at support@robynbirkin.com

Promotions Begin: Monday 24 Jan

You missed out!

Event Begins: 18 Feb

You missed out!


Instagram Posts + Stories

Instagram Stories

Sample Emails

Sample Email No 1

Title: I'm speaking at this event (and it's free!) Join me?


Infertility and loss have a funny way of bringing up a tonne of unsolicited advice.

Everyone seems to have a story about what you should 'try' to get pregnant, and the internet is awash with diets, supplements, tips and suggestions. 

It's. So. Noisy.

But whenever we've surveyed the community, the vast majority of folks out there, are find the emotional toll of infertility is so much harder than the physical toll, and are more desperate for answers on how to cope through it all.

Are you finding that the emotional toll of trying to conceive is next level too?

Folks want advice that is actionable, realistic and that actually works.

i.e. less "just relax", more actionable and common sense strategies.

Well, it's my absolute pleasure to let you know, that together with an incredible team of experts in emotional wellness for infertility and loss, we've put together a free event that does just that.

I've saved you a seat.

Join us at the Feel Better Weekend from 18 - 20 February where I'll be presenting about ____________________. It's free to watch all of the presentations as they're released, and I know you'll find this so, so helpful.

Click here to register your place.

Sample Email 2

My free training is today. Are you coming?


I wanted to reach out to you to remind you that my free workshop for the Feel Better Weekend is live today.

I'm sharing ____________________________.

If you are finding trying to conceive, infertility and loss emotionally hard, The Feel Better Weekend is a no brainer.

Click here to grab your free ticket (link to your affiliate link)

I don't want you to miss my presentation and those of all of the other incredible speakers, especially because it's 100% free.

I know you'll find it so helpful.

How you make money

All you need to do is promote the free registration of the Feel Better Weekend (*using your affiliate link*), and we'll do the rest :-)

People who register for the Feel Better Weekend will receive all presentations for free, for 48 hours.

For those who wish to watch (or rewatch) the videos at a slower pace, they'll have access to upgrade to lifetime  VIP access (and also receive additional bonuses).

For every person who signs up for the VIP Access Pass we will pay you 30% commission (on net sales: gross sales - refunds = net sales)

The standard VIP Access Pass will be US $147.

The VIP Access Pass is excellent value and we are expecting a high percentage of attendees to choose to purchase.

They will be offered the VIP Access Pass immediately on signing up for the free pass to attend the event and again with follow up emails as the event date gets nearer.

People will also be able to buy the VIP Access Pass for several months after the event.

Commission will be paid via paypal every month.

Feel Better Weekend for Fertility Warriors

What's my affiliate code?

Your affiliate code is the link you use so that the system can track that registrations have been received from you (rather than using the generic link), and should yours be the first link a person clicks on, it will attribute any sales for the VIP All Access Pass to you.

You can find out your affiliate link through the affiliate portal, but to make your life easier - we've also copied your links here :-)

Darrien Minnie


Emma Brodzinski


Devon Baeza


Nicola Salmon


Jennifer Robertson


Kate Nguy


Meta Getman


Kendra Tolbert


Stefanie Valakas


Alice Rose


Cynthia Pane


Russell Davis


Kezia Okafor


Naomi Woolfson


Jodi Rogers


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this recorded interview-style or as a solo workshop?

It's recorded as a solo workshop, but if that's going to be a problem, reach out to us and we'll organise something :-)

Your workshop should be 20 - 40 minutes in length, and you're welcome to use slides or speak straight to camera - whichever form of delivery works best for you. We're aiming for several thousands registrants and hope to lead with incredible value that will lead into referrals for you :-)

What's the best way to record?

It's probably easiest to set yourself up on a Zoom meeting with yourself and record it.

How should we get the recordings to you?

We'd love you to upload to Google Drive or Dropbox and send the link to robynbirkin@gmail.com

Can I promote my program or freebie? Can I place links in my bio?

We are a pitch free event, however within your presentation you're most welcome to include one slide to let people know your IG handles, podcast name, website address etc if they'd like to find you, however we won't be placing any links with calls to action, outside the VIP upgrade.

How do I charge you for my speaking fee?

You can send a Paypal or Stripe invoice to hello@robynbirkin.com for payment (we must receive an invoice). Although we're certain our US$100 fee doesn't match your speaker fee, we believe in paying for your time, and together with our large communal reach, collaborations, advertising budget and affiliate commissions, we're certain this event is worthwhile.

How do I sign up as an affiliate again?

Click here to apply to become an affiliate. First you'll create an affiliate account (30 seconds) and you'll then be emailed a set of login details.

Once you log in, you'll see a 'payments' area where we recommend adding your Paypal for easy payments. We'll approve your affiliate registration ASAP, and following that (you'll be notified by email) you can go ahead and grab your link within the promotions tab.

You can also go ahead and set up custom links within the tracking area that allows you to generate different links for different sources (such as email vs Instagram).

There are two links - please use the second one. 

When can I start promoting the event?

We will send out all promotional material by Wednesday 19 January, with promotions able to commence on Wednesday 24 January. 

I'd love to connect more with other affiliates and speakers?

Let us know and we'll add you to a Facebook Group Chat :-) - You can DM Robyn here.

Remind me of the affiliate details again?

For every person who signs up for the VIP Access Pass we will pay you 30% commission (on net sales: gross sales - refunds = net sales)

The VIP Access Pass will be US $147 (with a presale offer of $97 and once the Summit begins a price of $167)

The VIP Access Pass is excellent value and we are expecting a high percentage of attendees to choose to purchase.

They will be offered the VIP Access Pass immediately on signing up for the free pass to attend the event and again with follow up emails as the event date gets nearer.

People will also be able to buy the VIP Access Pass for several months after the event.

But all you need to do is promote the free pass.

How can best leverage this opportunity?

We've handpicked an incredible lineup of speakers (fostered from Robyn's many years in the industry) and are confident that the high calibre of speakers will be well regarded and incredibly helpful to your audience.

We'll be sending out further promotional material to you to help you put together your marketing strategy, however here are a few tips:

  • Put on your game face for your presentation - folks are increasingly looking for coaches, therapists and programs that support infertility and loss, especially those who offer 1:1 services. They are well informed and if they love what you've put together, they'll come and find you and seek out your programs. So, lead with value first over promotions.
  • Sometimes people need to hear about things more than once, and oftentimes only a small portion of people see your notifications (especially if only 3% of your Facebook Audience sees your posts and 30% of email recipients see your email), so you may like to send out a few emails or Instagram posts. Also don't be disheartened if nobody signs up or purchases right off the bat. Often people leave things until the last minute.
  • Share from the heart. You're no doubt here to serve - there is no minimum sharing requirement in this Summit because we only want people to share if they believe this will provide incredible value and their audience will love it (and thank them for it).
  • You may also like to use this opportunity to build connections within the industry - follow your fellow speakers on Instagram, comment on their posts and let them know if you watch their presentation and love it. A rising tide lifts all ships!
  • If you see a Facebook Ad for the Summit - like and comment on it.